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Animated Shorts/Freelance


Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reanimated 


A reanimated project of a Rise episode.


Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reanimated - Reel


WIPS of the shots animated in Rise:Reanimated


The Grump Variations - GGA

Directed by M. Bulteau

A collaboration between 22 animators.

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.51.15 PM.png

All Dogs Tribute

Directed by Fable Siegel

You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down - Reanimated.


Game Grumps Animated - That's a Grimer

Directed by Emily Chen

Remember Dippin' Dots? 


Game Grumps Animated - The Burp

Directed by Emily Chen

Don't forget to open that treasure chest!

Edith and the Bear

Directed by Hillary Bradfield

A heartwarming story about a little girl named Edith and her best friend, Bear.

A Knock on My Door

Directed by David Chai

Though life is full of hard knocks, the time does come when it’s safe to answer the door.


Directed by Craig Kitzmann and Jayson Marino

A child's dream will overcome her circumstances.

For Goodness Rake

Directed by Emily Chen

The Green Ninja intervenes and blows the whistle on leaf blowers.

The Flushing

Directed by Emily Chen

 Someone had better call a plumber, because this toilet is going haywire!



The Chair

Directed by Emily Chen

 How many ways can you interpret a chair?

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