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Hello there!!

Born in the States, raised in Taiwan, I was always surrounded by different kinds of animation styles which motivated me to animate and create art. My sense of humor and inspiration comes from the mixture of cultures I've experienced. I graduated fromthe BFA Animation/Illustration program in San Jose State University in 2013. 


Since then, I have animated for numerous mobile games and animated short films in both traditional and digital mediums. I work in different styles and programs such as Maya, Flash, Spine, Clip Paint Studios, Procreate, and more. I have years of working for mobile games and have experienced animation on AAA games such as Concrete Genie and the MediEvil remake for Sony PlayStation. In my free time, I love creating goofy animations and basically whatever entertains me hilariously or emotionally. I also watch a lot of movies and play video games to inspire me in what I do and love. 


Also, why 'neenanu'?


In my gibberish baby language n toddler years, I'd always refer to drawing as 'neenanu'. It's probably what it was like when I drew with crayons, but it's always fun to go with the flow and let the art shine.

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